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Friday, 7 June 2019

Thoughts#2 behind "My Bed Is An Island"

Have you ever felt that you are dying inside and out?
mentally and physically
Sometimes, everything is overwhelming.
Big city is another clamorous sea. People are floating and drowning in it. 
They are lost in the sea named city. They are lost in themselves. 
Human in city trap plants to be with them. They put plants in pots, glasses, baskets and on wall. These plants are trapped by humans. Human-beings are also trapped by themselves, by others. The company of plants make them less lonely.

In city, we trap plants.
In landscape, we are trapped by them.
We trap plants and plants trap us.

When I was in Blackwood, I was out of direction. I was trapped among the woods. Like how we trap plants in city. Woods were with me, but I was still alone.
In the woods, I felt that I was trapped by the trees, and other vegetation. I was isolated and even alienated, but the plants were with me. I could not hold my eager to bring some of them back. I want to be with them, make them my companions. I want to touch them, the softness of them. Hope they can heal part of me.




我迷失於Black Wood之中,如同我們將植物困於城市之中,我被困於樹林之間,即使這些樹木一直陪伴在我左右,我依然是孤自一人。在這廣大的樹林之中,我感受被這些無盡的樹木以及植披所囚禁,我獨自佇立於此地,同時我的心也是無比地疏離,但這些植物依然在我身旁。我偷偷地帶了一些植物回來,對此內心有點掙扎,但還是無法抵抗我對於他們陪伴的渴望,渴望他們伴我身旁,同時也期望他們的柔軟可以拯救我的不完整與破碎,或只是掩蓋也好。

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