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Monday, 10 June 2019

Thoughts#3 behind "My Bed Is An Island"

My bed is an island.
I’m happier when I’m alone.
I want to spend quality time with my bed.

I could not hold my eager to bring some of them back.  I want to be with them. Make them part of my bed and pillow. I imagined it would be a bed, and the moss and other plants from the woods will be part of the textile.

The only time when I don’t feel trapped is when I’m in my bed. My bed is my own island. I feel pretty me when I was alone in my bed. There are no others. Just me.

While, to be honest, I still want others to be “in” my place/work, read some of my thoughts, feel the sharpness from Blackwood plants, and be with me temporarily. From my past training in architecture school, it is always important to insert “program” in a place/work. That’s how people remember a place/work. They are not audiences or outsiders anymore. They are part of the place/work. They will recall it by their past actions and body memory. It is important to me and even more to you that you engage in my work. I’m not alone anymore in my bed. The others join my island temporarily.





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